Alfa 4C

Text Box: When we moved to TN, we had to sell our entire car collection. It was one of the most painful things we ever did. We ordered a house to be built while we were up here running from a hurricane, having to make huge decisions really fast. One of the things we knew we would have to have was at least a three car garage so we could have one special car.

I always wanted an Alfa 4C and had plans to some day get one. But they decided to stop selling the coupe version in the US, the only one I would be interested in. Watching the  availability, it turned out there were only two 4Cs left in the country that were equipped the way I wanted it. One was in KY which turned out to be just 3 hours away. Having just moved and with our FL house still not sold, I went ahead and bought it far ahead of schedule. We drove to KY and brought it home one rainy evening.

Itís a fantastic car, with elements comparable to my old MR2 and NSX that I really enjoy.